External Flesh Swelling Causes and Treatment Methods

Gingival swelling, which is one of the most important problems that occur in the teeth, which has a very important place in the aesthetic appearance of people, is one of the important symptoms of any problem in this region.

The resulting swelling, in some cases, occurs in the roots of the teeth with inflammation and closes a part of the tooth depending on its level. Gum swelling, which is a painful disease, is challenging even in ordinary situations such as speaking and eating and drinking at advanced levels.

Symptoms of Gum Swelling

If gingival swelling, which is basically caused by lack of oral and dental care, occurs despite being well-groomed, there are definitely different reasons.

The following are the symptoms of this important health problem, which is common and occurs for different reasons in everyone;

  • Swelling and redness,
  • Pain feeling,
  • Difficulty speaking,
  • Sensitivity to extreme heat and cold,
  • Inflammation of the gums,
  • Bleeding of the gums

In the event that the symptoms, which develop for a short period of time, last more than 7 days, the necessity of drug treatment arises. If gingival swelling is experienced after regular care and the recovery period is prolonged, patients should definitely receive medical dental treatment.

Causes of Gum Swelling

As in all diseases, one of the leading causes of gum swelling is infection of the tooth roots by not providing the necessary oral care. Plaques that occur as a result of not brushing and other oral care procedures reach points that cannot be cleaned over time.

Residues waiting here for a long time cause inflammation, then bleeding and swelling. Malnutrition, hormonal changes and problems arising from other gum diseases cause advanced gum swelling.

Diagnosing Gingival Swelling

Regular brushing and simple medications give positive results in a short time in gingival swelling, which is treated in a short time with simple treatments at a high rate. When an obligation to go to the doctor arises, the reason and how the gingival swelling occurs is examined in detail, first with the eye and then with some tests. At this stage, it is important to answer the questions asked by the doctors correctly in order to determine the level of the disease and what kind of treatment will be followed.

Gum Treatment

First of all, in the treatment of gingival swelling, where the problem must be fully diagnosed, it must take 15 days for the treatment to be performed by the doctors and there must be no results with the procedures performed at home. Depending on the level of the disease, surgical intervention is performed when the size of inflammation increases in gingival swelling, where mouthwash, hot compress, regular brushing, tongue cleaning, oral antibiotics are used.

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